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The Past Few Days June 17, 2010

Filed under: Adventures in Toronto — Grace @ 4:59 pm

Life has been good.

What? You want more specifics? Well, I suppose I could elaborate just a little.

On Tuesday I went with my roommate Anna to buy groceries. I had my first real experience of feeling like a foreigner when an issue arose over our cart. When Anna and I had both paid for our respective groceries and I was putting the cart away, a lady asked me if I was finished with it. I said yes and let her have it, and she gave me a coin. I was confused and told her she didn’t have to pay me for it. After some confusion on both our parts, Anna eventually explained to me that you have to pay to use a cart. (We had entered through the exit and just picked up one of the carts there, so I didn’t know.) Anyway, that was interesting. Other interesting things: We bought milk that came in plastic bags. And recycling is mandatory here, which seems like a good idea but will take a little figuring out. I came back and used the flour I had bought to make two large jars of sourdough starter. Yes, I’m hooked, I admit.

After that I didn’t do too much until later Tuesday night, when I watched a few episodes of a TV show called 24 with some housemates and two guys from houses on either side of us. And I discovered something: 24 is a marvelous show. The only problem is that the episodes have the most dramatic cliffhanger endings… so you can imagine the mental anguish I’m going through waiting until Thursday night to watch more.

Wednesday Pastor Shawn and his wife took Anna and me to lunch again, this time at a different, Cantonese, and also delicious restaurant. We also stopped by a bakery and a grocery store. I will return to Chinatown sometime in the future to buy more excellently priced fruit. We dropped the new abundance of food off at the house and they took us on a tour of the city. By the time we got back I was feeling pretty nauseous (too much driving, not the food), so once I was reasonably sure I wasn’t going to be sick, I took a nap. I woke to discover that my sourdough starter was ready, made some dough – farther in the process than I’ve ever gotten before! – and started the whole rise/shape/rise process.

Wednesday I hung out with Julia, one of my awesome housemates, as we did artistic things and had deep conversations. I drew her teddy bear. It was fun. She’s awesome. Enough said.

Then I went with some of the other housemates to a J-pop (Japanese pop, if you were wondering) concert nearby. It turned out to be more like J-techno, but it was an interesting experience. We got rides back to the seminary in some interesting contraptions, the names of which I can’t remember right now, but they were like bicycles with windshields, roofs, and back seats.

Back at the house, I stayed up much later than I should have baking my first loaf of sourdough bread, not wanting to mess up the dough by letting it rise too long. It turned out reasonably well. It’s not great, but it’s not bad for a first try.

Future plans: I want to walk to a yarn store called The Purple Purl and buy some… you guessed it… yarn. Julia has a pattern for a hat that I think I’ll try. That will require me to figure out how knitting patterns work, but hey, I have to start sometime. It’ll take me almost an hour to walk there, according to Google Maps, but I’m perfectly fine with that if it means I can get some exercise in a form that doesn’t make me cringe at the thought. I intended to use the seminary’s exercise room this morning. Yesterday morning too. It didn’t happen. I might just stick to walking.

I’m also going to have to locate the Little India that I’ve heard mentioned. And… oh jeez, I have my school’s summer service requirement to do… that’ll be no fun at all, but I’ll get around to it eventually. And no doubt there will be plenty of other interestingness to occupy me. But this post is long enough. Sayonara!


3 Responses to “The Past Few Days”

  1. El'endia Starman Says:

    Busy days eh? πŸ˜›

    Oh, by the way…your comment about 24 made me laugh out loud. I mean…….how do you NOT see a single episode of 24 for 8 seasons? 192 episodes? Especially considering it was a rather popular show… O.O

    P.S. You may want to change the time on your blog… (Dashboard -> Settings -> Timezone -> UTC-4)

  2. LOL Says:

    I have to agree with the above commenter about 24. Although knowing you, I can’t say I’m too surprised. Have you ever heard of “Bones”? As I recall it’s similar to 24.

    When do you get to start teaching Chinese to Canadians? Er, teaching English to Canadians… No, wait, teaching Finish to Algerians?

    When you get back, you will have to teach me how to make sourdough bread.

    • I have heard of “Bones,” but only because my NCSSM roommate loved it. She contributed greatly to my cultural literacy.

      At the moment, it looks like there will be no teaching English to Chinese Canadians, or any of those other things. I need to talk to Pastor Shawn to make absolutely sure, but it hasn’t been mentioned at all, which worries and irritates me. If all else fails, I’ll take your advice and find some local Algerians whom I can teach Finnish. But first I’ll have to learn Finnish. Loituma time!

      Here’s a URL for you:

      Which reminds me, it’s probably about time for another sourdough post… maybe this time with pictures, if I can remember… I’ve got a loaf rising now. πŸ™‚

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