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Drawing is fun! August 8, 2010

Filed under: Artsy-Crafty Stuff — Grace @ 3:38 am

While I was Facebook creeping recently, I stumbled across a photo of one of my friends with his sister. And I suddenly thought, “I WANT TO DRAW HIM!” …What? That’s not weird. Don’t tell me that’s never happened to you. Haha.

Anyway, tonight I actually obtained paper and pencil and made a sketch of the photo. And – here’s the amazing part – it worked. It looks just like him. (And his sister seems to look a lot like herself as well, but as I’ve never met her, I’m not as good a judge of that.) I don’t know how it happened, but I caught the essence somehow. I never thought something I drew would turn out like this. I’m so excited.

I think this achievement is one of the best possible birthday presents I could give myself. 🙂

Now I just need to find a scanner.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. The longer I looked at the drawing, the less it looked like the person in question. After examining the original photo for a while, I finally realized that his face was at a completely wrong angle. I’m now redoing his entire face. This should be interesting… and an excellent method of procrastination. 😀 Hopefully I’ll remember from now on to check the position of every feature before I start bragging!


7 Responses to “Drawing is fun!”

  1. LOL Says:

    There’s a scanner at my house.

    Just saying. 😉

  2. Hahahaha. If I can get up to about forty hours, I might allow myself to be kidnapped. 🙂

  3. El'endia Starman Says:

    Oh cool! [+1 talent]

    Have you tried drawing other objects or from your imagination/memory?

    • My drawings usually don’t turn out well. I also can’t really draw portraits from memory, and when I draw from imagination I can’t transfer what’s in my head to paper. I actually have a folder on my laptop full of images to use as photo reference for the characters from a story I was once writing. That’s how bad it is. 😛

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