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I’m Back August 15, 2010

Filed under: Adventures at School — Grace @ 9:28 pm

…At school, that is. And I’m so happy to be here.

This evening has consisted of an awesome Potter-loving baking roommate, a rather vicious bed, some delicious pizza, and games of ninja with part of our brother hall, among other things.

Oh, and SENIOR YEAR! 😀

I don’t have much to write yet. I believe that will change. Soon.

Bring on another year of awesomeness.


6 Responses to “I’m Back”

  1. Emily R Says:

    welcome back! we’re looking forward to seeing you in the upcoming week.

  2. LOL Says:

    A vicious bed? That sounds ominous. Have you checked the room for EKFPB threats?


  3. El'endia Starman Says:

    A *vicious* bed?!? o.O

    Also, YEAH!!! for senior year awesomeness… 😀

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