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Mustache Madness September 2, 2010

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A guy at school decided that having a Suit Day last Thursday was a good idea.

The idea behind it is that people get certain numbers of points for various formal items of clothing or accessories, like a blazer or a monocle. Then the person with the highest number of points gets a free pizza.

I don’t own much formal clothing, so I had to get creative.. I attempted to recreate various things, but the crowning glory was…


Yes, you read that correctly. The item worth most for a girl was a “curly mustache,” so naturally I decided to make one. And it turned out pretty awesomely, if I do say so myself.

Steps to creating a fake mustache:

  1. Obtain yarn in the color you desire. (I chose yellow, mostly because the only other color I had was a pastel purple.)

  2. Wind yarn around your fingers, or loop to desired width.

  3. Tie a short piece of yarn around the middle of your yarn loops.

  4. Using scissors, teeth, or a well-sharpened battleax, cut each loops of yarn on each side.

  5. Unravel each strand of yarn.

  6. Take a gluestick and rub it over the mustache. Once the yarn is well coated, twist your mustache into the desired shape. (You could also leave it alone if you want.)

  7. Devise some clever way to attach the mustache to your face. I attached an elastic hair tie to the mustache and attached an elastic headband to the hair tie. You could attach a headband to another piece of yarn, or could attach a long piece of yarn and tie it behind your head, or superglue the mustache to your upper lip… the possibilities are endless, and some more dangerous than others.

  8. Show off your mustache, preferably twirling and/or wiggling it a lot.

If all goes well, you should end up with something like this:

My friend wearing The Mustache

So beautiful! Well... sort of.

(For the record, that is not me. However, that is my mustache.)

And that, dear readers, is what I do with my free time. I hope this gives you hope for the future. 😀