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About June 2, 2010

Hi there! I’m Grace. I started this blog to chronicle my adventures in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during summer 2010. I attend a residential school created for geeks like me. I pretend to be a health nut, but that only extends to what I cook (and then only sometimes). I would love to garden, but have yet to overcome my black thumb. Half of what I try to do doesn’t work because I don’t follow instructions when I should. I love foreign languages and linguistics. I bhangra (or try to). Theater is awesome, and performing is the best part. I procrastinate… a lot. Even if I’m hiding out in my room 24/7, I’m not trying to be reclusive… really. I enjoy sleeping. I can sometimes draw something decent. I love music and wish I were better at any instrument. Knitting is a lot of fun. I love reading about subjects that interest me, so my head is full of theory that I often have trouble figuring out how to apply to real life. I’m a rebel at heart and do things unconventionally when I can. As a Christian, I am probably less conservative than I should be, the slightest hint of legalism sends me into rant mode, I emphasize the love part, I sometimes try to look into semantics with next to no knowledge of Greek or Hebrew, and I’m always trying to understand more. Here, also, I fall into the trap of being too intellectual and not practical enough – lots of theory, lack of application. I’d probably do a better job of it if I were less self-centered and more self-motivated. And life is life.

Oh, and as you might have guessed from that paragraph of rambling – I’m not very organized. 😉


3 Responses to “About”

  1. AJT Says:


  2. Kate Says:

    haha Grace, have fun! Soccer camp is good. There is a 2 guys from England (Ash [my coach] & Dave) There is a Irish guy named Patrick and he said his dad was a leprechaun. At the end of each day, we play World Cup except there are only 2 teams. The teams with the most points at the end of each game wins at the end of the week. The two teams are South Africa and Portugal. I am on the South African team. My team won! 3-2. It was tied in the second half. With a minuet to go, i knocked one in winning the game! I got 2 out of 3.
    Stay safe!
    Love Ya! 🙂
    Kate ❤

  3. Kate Says:

    Soccer Camp IS AWESOME!!! :] i told Patrick you said hi and he said Hey Back! lol He can Irish Dance! [although i haven’t seen him do it….. yet Portugal is 32 muahahah] anywho, South Africa is winning 33-32 for now . Hope Canada is good! MY forehead/ face is burnt 😦 at church Rebekah said my neck look red, i went home and look in the mirror and AHHH!!!! my ned was sorta red, I had Chinese today! yummy yummy! i went with Andrea H. to their shop and we drove the golf car! fun fun fun, ate at Bojangles with her and OHHHH
    SASHA is HErE! …oh wait you saw her my bad! lol.
    LOVE YA,
    lil’ sis’
    KATE U.!

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