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Well… July 26, 2010

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I’m going home early. My mom died.

It’s sort of a strange situation, because she was in a car accident in 1999 and ended up with pretty severe brain damage, so she’s been in what the doctors call a vegetative or nonresponsive state ever since. That basically means that she lay in bed mostly unconscious and couldn’t talk to us, and we’re not sure if she could understand what we were saying. It was like a coma. So even though she technically died recently, she sort of died ten and a half years ago. That being the case, I’m not sure exactly what to feel.

Anyway, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be flying home Tuesday. The funeral will be on Wednesday. And then I’ll try to stay sane until school starts. Wish me luck.


First post! June 2, 2010

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Wow, my first blog post. I feel like there should be dramatic music in the background or something. Oh well, you can just imagine it.

So to sum things up, I’m leaving for Canada in less than two weeks. NAMB is sending me to Toronto for the summer, where I’ll be teaching ESL to Chinese people. (Yes, in Canada. Yes, it’s random. But hey, it’s going to be awesome!) I was thrilled when I found out about this a few months ago, but there was a catch: a lot of money to pay that I hadn’t known about before. So I decided to start having bake sales as fundraisers. Never mind that I’ve never before baked anything that didn’t come out of a box.

It’s gone well so far, everyone says my desserts are delicious (especially for a newbie!) and in fact, I’m expecting another customer at 11:30. This should help a lot if things keep going as they are. I may have to post a few recipes in the future.

Oh – my partner for this summer is Anna Russell, who introduced me to the wonderful world of WordPress. (You can find her blog here!) She seems awesome. She’s already in Canada, actually, so I’m going to rely heavily on her superior wisdom once I’m there.

Well, sorry for my rambling. I’ll get better at this, I promise! And that’s all, folks.